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September 24, 2014


Should Pluto be a planet again? Panel votes to reinstate ninth world of the solar system in unofficial debate

(Thanks to Ross Holley)


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Come on, for old times' sake. What'd Pluto ever do to you?

What would Wank do?

Pluto is the only planet discovered by an American. Understand now why the decision was made to change that? A kid named Clyde Tombaugh made his own lenses and camera and telescope and detected a moving object, which was confirmed by other observers and named Pluto.
We can't have Americans taking credit for things, now can we?

that's easy: pluto's a dog, uranus is goofy

Dr Gareth Williams of the Minor Planet Centre defended the original IAU decision in 2006 and said Pluto should not be a planet as it had not cleared the path in its orbit.

As Long as they stay away from Uranus.

V Putin has it right: as a former Kansan, we were told what a neat guy this amateur was while attending grade school. Inspired several of my classmates to attend college and the wonder of science.

Since 2008, has anyone or anything needed any qualifications to be anything ?

If you think Jupiter is too big and gassy to be in the solar system text your vote to OrbitingWithTheStarz and Pluto will be a planet again. That is if it can win the next Galactic Survivor immunity challenge, the true new criteria of the science of astrophysics.

Mickey and Goofy are ever so hopeful!

I nominate Bill Clinton to be a planet

I thought planets started off as masses of empty space and hot gasses. So Planet Limbaugh joins the solar system?

Is Pluto back in the running because Gov. Christie has lost so much weight?

There is a difference between planet and world of which the headline writer at least is unaware. Other worlds that are not planets:

Earth's Moon

Wlll I be able to return my "Back in my day we had nine planets" t-shirt?

Pluto? Of course.
Earth? Should be several-for those who live in their own worlds.

Very commendable restraint-- only two Uranus jokes so far.

The International Astronomical Union -- planets check in, but they don't check out.

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