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September 23, 2014


Dutchman fought to keep amputated leg, made a lamp

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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Mostly armless.

" The big unanswered question is, what constitutes a corpse... "

Anything that looks like the Vice President presiding over the Senate.

Mr. Parker: [unveiling his major award] Would you look at that? Would you look at THAT?
Mother: What is it?
Mr. Parker: It's a leg!
Mother: But what is it?
Mr. Parker: Well, it's... A leg, you know, like a statue.

It's always a good thing to spread light in the world.

Doctors offered once to let me keep a fish vertebrae that they'd removed from the middle of my foot (long story involving swimming, a thunderstorm, and jellyfish. Yada, yada).
I declined. Although I was told my grandfather did keep his finger in a jar of alcohol. Take that as you will.

Jeff - did it say "Fragile" on it?

It's not nice to make light of amputation.

Steve, in later years, did gramps give you the finger?

Shades of Christmas Story.

PB, no. He just told us he was picking his nose and a booger bit it off.
Had all the grandkids using handkerchiefs at record early ages.

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