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September 24, 2014


Ohio college president backs skunk safety

(Thanks to PirateBoy)


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Makes scents, if you think about it...

Shipping vegan donuts instead of cookies might have been more memorable.

So they don't want stuck drunk skunks?

With their perfectly logical unrelenting cause, PETA can petition and gain support to help stop Hodge from spraying in the faculty lounge.

a skunk recently got its head stuck in a beer can near a fraternity house. The posters urge people to crush cans for animal safety

yeah cuz skunked beer blows

Academia: fearlessly addressing today's controversial issues.

Will the University now offer a course on the global implications of Miller Lite?

The two biggest skunks I've ever seen outside of a Republican political convention were very close to this college.
You don't mess with skunks that could spray downhill and hit you in the eyes.

I arrived at work early one morning, and was told by the night crew that they had trapped and captured a skunk in one of our outdoor storage lockers.

When my boss arrived later that morning, I told him about the skunks. His reply? "I want to go take a look at 'em!"

And so he did.

Let's see. Semi-panic in a caged wild animal, or a boss who thinks he's Daniel Boone?

Bet on the skunk, FTW!

Our office (and my now stinkin' boss) reeked for a week!

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