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September 24, 2014


L'shanah tovah.


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No one in my lineage spent forty years in the desert but I do get two days off; does that count?

Blow that funky shofar white boy!

I prefer "Play that funky shofar, write boy!"

p.s. We're now a tribe? Hope we don't ever have to vote one of us off!

Speaking of being voted off, what happened to Walter? He's not made an appearance on the Blog for quite a while now.

oy the ram parts . . .

(happy new year - may you all take one vey at a time)

thanks, Sir Blog! and right back atcha!

Same to Mrs. Blog and the rest of the family.

If you ride in a limo on Rosh Hashanah do you have to blow your shofar?

My favorite general holiday story happened in December when a grandfather reported that his daughter had married a Christian. They compromised on a Christmas tree with a Magen David on the top. His young granddaughter kept asking when Chanukah Claus was arriving.
Happy New Year.

*Snork* at Larry!

And happy Yom Te’roo’ah.

Ha, Steve! Neither of us are religious so we've always done all the holidays in a secular manner. Depending the calendar we often have a menorah and a Christmas tree at the same time. Our kids' Hanukah Clauses were Grandma J and Grandpa B. They loved it. Two sets of presents!

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