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September 22, 2014


Italian army to grow medical marijuana

(Thanks to Rich Steurer)

Related: Peyton Manning says legalized pot has been good for his pizza business

(Thanks to Steve K)


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So they'll be selling fake oregano?

This lady may have some handy tips.

I'd like an ounce of secret sauce, please.

Sounds like a bud-ing business.

'I swear I thought it was oregano' Tom pleaded.

I gave a talk on mislabeled herbs at a meeting attended by a number of FDA types.
When I mentioned the amazing amount of "Oregano" being carried around during my college years, the older regulators grinned like maniacs.
Ah, memories.

I saw Mislabeled Herbs open for Lenny Kravitz.

Went out for pizza afterwards.

I am just glad Peyton Manning has a career to fall back on.

Mary Jane's Famous Herb Sauce

Until the street value spikes and gun fights in the parking lot become a nuisance then the dead bodies related to the $5 lunch specials showing up.

The Italian army could contact this lady for some tips on growing the stuff.

If only they'd done this in WWII....perhaps a stoned Musolini wouldn't have had the initiative to invade Africa.

There's an Italian army?

If it was so evil, why do so many of us geezers have fond memories of something we can't remember too well?

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