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September 22, 2014


Alaska TV Reporter Quits on Air: ‘F**k It, I Quit’

Advisory: F-bomb.

(Thanks to Allen at Division, Jennifer Folstad and Richard)


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I think she just became my new personal hero.

Send her to Washington.

Went out with a BONG!

Had it passed, even with home delivery service, she would have to hire armed guards to escort the delivery person to prevent the multitude of armed robberies. If she wasn't so nasty, she could probably put on a NY Yankee baseball cap, some baggy pants and with cell phone in hand sell it on any neighborhood street corner without getting gunned down. That's what the faking it medically-in-need of marijuana do.

" Forget you ! "

Haven't touched the stuff in over 40 years and wasn't impressed back then.
But I'm all for legalizing recreational pot because I find the arguments against it infantile. "OMG, 70% of heroin users started out on pot!"
Yeah, well, 100% started off on milk.
And, I confess that much of my attitude is a reaction to the religious family members around me who object, mainly, that it makes you feel good and, thus, must be evil. Had a family reunion for my wife this weekend. All those people having a cookout and not a drop of alcohol in sight.
They don't touch it, so you can't, either.

F**k it. I quit!

Was it was the dope speaking?

So, she's hot and she owns a marijuana shop in Alaska. Popularity will not be an issue. Selection may be. Half the guys in Alaska are probably on the sidewalk waiting for her shop to open as we speak. (The other half are on their way.)

You can't quit.
You're fired.

Two things: Steve, I hope an impaired driver doesn't kill anyone you love. I know I'm REALLY looking forward to all the stoned tourists driving around next summer.

Second, I have made the acquaintance of this person. Not someone you would willingly spend time with unless you are attracted to sea anemones or brillo pads. I think Pink Floyd sang about her type, "You radiate cold shards of broken glass."

As they say in Alaska, "We don't give a damn how they quit Outside!"

We're sure the dope thing will work out for her. She's had a lot of practice as a TV News Anchor Person.

Common misconception, Make It Rain. A stoned person is less likely to get behind the car than a drunk person, and a stoned driver will be more cautious than a drunk driver. Though both cannabis and alcohol impair your driving ability, alcohol makes you overconfident of your ability, while with cannabis you are very much aware of your level of impairment. So fear mongering about the potential of stoned drivers is very much a double standard when compared to how little of a problem it would probably be compared to alcohol.

MIR, it goes without saying that a drinking person should not drive.
I haven't had a drink in almost 20 years. Nothing dramatic; no DUI or car wreck, I just decided I wasn't very good at it. A hangover with every glass of wine.
But just because I, as a responsible adult, have chosen not to drink does not give me any right to tell another adult he or she cannot drink. He would have to accept responsibility for his actions.
I rarely gamble. Maybe a lottery ticket now and then for the laughs. But if you asked for a ride to the casino, I'd have no problem taking you.
Adults should have the right to be adult and not be treated as children.

Dear Serious User Name,

I lost my grandparents to a guy who was stoned when I was a kid. Then a very good friend was killed on the way home by a driver who was high. Don't say it doesn't happen.

I'm sure the increase in accidents in Colorado is due to increased drinking.

And dope is "legal" here already. The folks who smoke it don't have any qualms about getting behind the wheel or in their airplane.

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