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September 16, 2014


Sometimes all the international tension got to Ridley.



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Was this taken before or after Ridley ate the rabbit burger with an egg?

"...so I walked right up to that scaly snake, Putin..."

i'm guessing ridley's is shorter than the average tongue

"And this is what Dave looks like before his morning cup of coffee."

Dave taught me that move.

How quaint... a movie screen.

At least you came back alive. Manchurian Candidate?

yadda yadda yadda blue shirt yadda yadda.

Wait, did I say that my photo from the book signing could be exported to Russia? ;)

It's Speak Like A Commissar Day. Da tovarich.

Tanks for the memories, boys.

Speaking of scares , I hope you had enough underwear on this trip.

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