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September 26, 2014


Man returns rental car with 139 lbs. of pot inside, gets arrested coming back for bags

(Thanks to Larry Martell)


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The suspect probably said "that's not my car" (in the fine tradition of the common "these aren't my pants" response when cops search and find drugs in pants pockets.

I once bought a painting from a street artist in Las Vegas and accidentally forgot it when I returned the rental car, so I commiserate. Of course, the weed was probably worth a little more.

"To do" lists, people.
Very helpful.

I believe that the term is 'lids', not 'bags'. Or at least it was when I was in college and other people taked about pot.

ahhh, JG, you're right - thus the confusion for mr ung:
he thought he was suppose to get rid of pot

Much more than a dude. He's a dufus.

At least he didn't get a surcharge for not coming back with a full tank. Or is it fully tanked?

More education is the answer. He thought he was in Colorado. Or Oregon. Or soon to your state.....

Based on the looks of many rental car lot employees I've encountered, it's a wonder the police were called at all.

That totally harshed his mellow

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