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September 28, 2014


Navy wants to conduct war games on Wash. coast

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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Reports have surfaced which have uncovered the Navy's intention to assign Ensign Parker along with his commander Capt. Binghampton to oversee the project.

The EMF radiation is inconsequential, but if the aircraft fly low, they are going to annoy the hell out of the residents and scare the wildlife in the only temperate rain forest in the lower 48 states. However, once the USDA-USFS issues a "finding of no significant impact" (FONSI) it can be challenged in court. That's an unlikely tactic by vampires.

yea watch the lips move, why ain't they doing this on Ft Lewis which is full of their men and real close to this civilian area?.

What Ralph said. Cattle and sheep routinely graze amidst Voice of America antennas radiating half-way around the world, with no reported fatalities of man nor beast.

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