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September 27, 2014


Woman stole bat to attack car thought to belong to ex-girlfriend

It was the wrong car.


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Bill Hudgins)


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She looks crazy enough to do something like that

He left her when she said she wanted to go to bat for him.

Batsh..t Crazy?

good thought JG, but you might want to adjust your beginning & ending pronouns


According to a comment allegedly posted by her cousin, she did this deliberately out of desperation in order to go to jail.

Stay the f#ck off her lawn.

Personally I'd stay the f#ck out of her neighborhood!

Mr. McClain is considering pressing charges?
I would have expected him to go Harder.

Batting for the wrong team..

NFL future draft pick.

*snork* @ sean in akron

' i can see pair'a dykes by the dashboard light '


She needs to go on WHAT NOT TO WEAR. New hairdo too.

If I was stealing something from a Walmart to damage a car I'd look in hardware for a sledgehammer or something instead of the pet department for a flying mouse.

Oh, wrong type of bat? Nevermind.

Another hit and run. What's this world coming to?

That's a woman?

She should have also stolen a hockey mask while in the sports department.

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