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September 25, 2014


A salad to remember at Applebee’s

(Thanks to Jon Harris)

To cap off your dining experience, you can check out Lift Station No. 16.


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Glad to know that the tiny overpriced portion featuring burnt salmon that I ended up with on my last visit to Applebee's was just a figment of my imagination.

Marilyn Hagerty - putting the 'grand' back into forks.

Ok lay off the lady. It is somewhat amusing to see a review of Applebee's. It seems like there is something to be said for a simpler way of life-and in GF a nice dinner out might be Applebee's. Not everyone is lucky enough to live in Miami, where world-class chef's ply their trade.

I think the nearest one to us is 40 miles away. The honchos closed all the restaurants within 35 miles of Chicago, so DeKalb and Valparaiso made the cut.

MB, drawing on her privileged upbringing, thought to suggest Applebee's when confronted with Marilyn's insistence on 'checking out' Chuck E. Cheese's and their chances of getting in some 'action'.

she reminds me of my mom - she too had nice things to say about everybody (meant most of them too) and was genuinely easy to please, which i found a very endearing characteristic.

Marilyn is one of my favorite reviewers so I agree with Dave. Also, Applebee's has improved in the last few years. (We do eat there once or twice during our annual Snowbirds Tour of Florida.)

/end testimonial

Dave are you being impishly jestful?

♫ the chicken chop
the grilled shrimp slop
the oriental salad swap -
we'll have these salads . . to remember

I think that she was the lady who reviewed the Olive Garden a while back and caught the attention of some snooty city slickers. I believe her son writes for the WSJ and wrote a nice article about the whole experience. I agree with Dave. There are plenty of fine people living honest and enjoyable lives in what others would simply dismiss as "fly-over" country.

When the Geezer Bus Tour of Our Favorite County finally happens, do we get to make a side trip to see Lift Station No. 16? Pretty please?

They practically threw us out because I have gray hair and my wife walks with a cane. They wanted us to sit by the kitchen on the worst chairs the had, and the place was empty. I'll never eat at any Applebee's again, and I'd be pleased to see the place burned to the ground, nasty salads and all.

What in the world did I say?!?!?

I wasn't criticizing Marilyn! I just thought it was funny to have a restaurant review from Grand Forks.

I'm not even going to try putting this into a clickable link, but if you want to read a great review cutting one of those world-class chefs down to size, check this out:


" Applebee’s is a place where customers tend to linger and chat. "

Most of them need a while to remember where they live.

I had a fair plastic steak at Applebee's not long ago.
You could really get that plastic mouth feel.
I think it was plastic.

Things like this review are why I love living in a small town. Things are simpler and a little slower in my town of Shelby. Right now the big news here is the county fair starts tomorrow night. This is a very big deal and people save up for months so they can go to the fair. I've already been by the fairgrounds twice to watch them put up the rides and exhibit halls. I usually volunteer at my church booth and for the Red Cross. I love it because I not only get in free but I also get to see old friends that I haven't seen in awhile. If we want "big city living" we go to Charlotte or Atlanta. We don't go very often. A company I worked with sent some of us to eat at a very ritzy place in Charlotte a few years ago. There were five of us and the bill was over $400. We were so hungry when we left the restaurant we stopped at McDonald's on the way home. I'll take Applebee's anyday over that place.

Fine dining in "GF" with "MB".

That review looks like something out of The Onion, and I say that as a high compliment.

No addresses in the online version?


2851 S. Columbia Road
Grand Forks, ND 58201

Lift Station:

I can't find it, either online or physically during my summers there in the early aughties. The Blog was smart not to visit during mosquito season.

When you get old, you'll look back at how you made fun of this lady with snide condescension, and you'll think to yourselves,"That kind of commentary doesn't apply to me, because I'm still cool," but, guess what? You're not.

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