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September 21, 2014


California boy gets detention for sharing school-prepared lunch with another student

(Thanks to PirateBoy)


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Lets not jump to conclusions until Jerry Brown slobbers all over the issue.

How the hell did I survive 30 years ago?! We need a few school districts to grow some cajones, end these ridiculous policies, and actually let a few frivolous lawsuits go to trial to be thrown out. Countersue the idiot parents who pursue said lawsuits. Set some precedent and the idiocy will stop. Any online campaign to raise funds for the school districts' legal expenses will raise millions in no time.

One of our sister health departments was sued for a million dollars once because some idiot bought a 220 volt air conditioner, cut off that awkward plug, wired a 110 plug to it, and burned down his trailer in the park.
The health department inspected the park but had nothing to do with what went on inside one of the trailers.
The department "lost" because their insurer thought it would be cheaper to pay than go to court.
If I'd been in charge of that department, we'd have switched insurers because that company was run by more idiots. Idiots with no cojones.

Would have made a great " Leave It To Beaver " plot.

Love the blog and sorry this serious. My wife works in an elementary school cafeteria. Despite any officials overreaction in the original blog story, food alergies are approporiately a serious concern among parents. The among us students practice of Dave and my school days (we are same age) of trading my bologna sandwich for your beaf au jous is long over. The alergy reaction concerns for schools requires them to strictly enforce no sharing.

Paul, I don't downplay any legitimate concerns about allergies and allergic reactions. My point is: Why does the school have to be responsible for this kind of thing, to the point of micro-legislating every possible social scenario for the benefit of a (relatively) very few? If little Johnny is allergic to a food item then he shouldn't eat it. It that too straightforward? And what if it happens outside of school -- then who do we blame? I still think the root cause is parents who refuse to accept that Life Happens and think that Somebody Else is to be responsible for the welfare of their child 24/7.

I guess I'm wondering why he had to be suspended instead of educated about the rule. I mean, after all, it is a school.

Wanderer2575: Totally agree. Food allergies can be serious...but they always WERE serious. This is nothing new; it has been true for a long time. Kids traded lunches for generations, and very few fatalities resulted! If Johnny has a life-threatening allergy, then he should be taught not to eat things he is allergic to, just like his parents and grandparents did, if they had food allergies. He should not be able to keep others from eating those things, though, nor should his school. We have gone off the deep end on some of these things. And the kids have a point---the lunch was just going to end up in the garbage, so why not give it to someone who wants to eat it? Responsible consumption---isn't that something we want our schools to emphasize?

It's okay for kids to be concerned about classmates being hungry, but they can't actually exchange food.

It would be much better for Johnny Samaritan to march up to the Lunch Lady and tell her that his friend is going hungry (not embarrassing at all) so she can notify the principal who can contact his parents and get an authorization and consent form signed in triplicate so their son can have some foo- .. oh, wait. Lunch is over now. Nevermind.

Back in the day, if it was a 'school-prepared' lunch the kid was sharing, he coulda been charged with attempted murder.

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