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September 16, 2014


Student ‘entrepreneur’ suspended for selling banned non-diet pop at school

(Thanks to The Perts)


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He must have been a Coke dealer. Maybe even Orange Crush.

So "soda" is a Midwestern term, but Canadians apparently favor "pop." Then there are those of us for whom anything that's carbonated is a "coke."

Obviously this kid was just demonstrating his knowledge of American history:

1940's Two brothers, Ally and Barney Hartman, were bottling a lithiated-lemon ("7-up" flavor) drink as a personal mixer for hard-liquor. They jokingly called the drink "Mountain Dew" after Tennessee Mountain Moonshine.

Dunno Capisce, my family's from Maine so I grew up with tonic.

Or, worse, Dave...bacon!

Thank goodness our freedom from the Mountie Dew police.

We got trouble
Right here in River City
And that starts with T
And that rhymes with P
And that stands for Pepsi.

they call him 'ginger ail'

He'll do all right; he doesn't need school.

Soda defense rests?

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