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September 27, 2014


Spreadable Beer

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)

Related: Beer may be good for your brain

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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I'll drink to that!

Well spreadable beer sounds interesting. I will get some Frankenmuth beer for the holidays. That is tasty for a change.

From the article
The dose they gave the mice was quite high -- so high that if you were in this study, you'd actually have to drink 2,000 liters of beer a day to equal what the mice consumed. So scientists don't suggest you run out and buy a six-pack before work

So they build our hopes just to crush them

Beer causes some women to be "spreadable".

"2,000 liters of beer a day"
You'd pee so much they'd name a lift station after you.

If beer is good for your brain then why did I see so many stupid drunks in the emergency room? Maybe it's because everyone of them only drank two beers. At least that was their story and they were sticking to it.

*Snork* kolo.

Bad kolo.

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