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September 16, 2014


Don't touch the Excellence Bell.

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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This proves that college tuition is worth every penny...

I p!ss in your general direction!

Don't kiss the Blarney Stone, either. I read yesterday it has more bacteria than a gas station bathroom. The luck of the Irish, indeed!

OMG! Pirateboy has lost his "rrrrr"! Right before Talk Like A Pirate Day too.
Those Boise students sure pee a lot don't they?

The night before the annual Ohio State-Michigan game, Ohio State students jump into Mirror Lake. Keep in mind this game usually takes place in November.

no, ding-dong as it is always the last game of the season, it is ALWAYS in november. "journalists", bah!

There she stood in East Boise;
I heard the pissing bell
And I was thinking to myself,
"She'd better wash her hands or this won't turn out well"

Whats the big deal? I know lots of people who piss on
success or excellence daily. (Most however, don;t do it publicly.)

this is why i'm jealous of guys

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