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August 29, 2014


A neighborhood squabbles over whether to capture Pancho the (suspected) attack crocodile:

Hardwick is pretty sure he had Pancho hooked late Tuesday night, struggling for 45 minutes to reel him in. But the croc escaped when a neighbor starting playing a U2 album.


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Send him to the zoo or make him into a nice pair of boots

Pancho the Suspected S. Florida Attack Crocodile opened for Santana.

"It gave me a headache. I don't know about the crocodile."

Damn you, Bono!

Save Pancho!
Minding his own business and attacked by two drunks.
As I told a door-to-door religion salesman once, "If you stick your nose into my business, don't be surprised to find you're wearing a clown nose when you pull back out.

Run for it, Pancho.

I bet I could jump in and catch him for you.

Update: Pancho is no more.
Moment of silence.

Townes Van Zandt already did it, and Willie Nelson covered it: "All the Federales say, they could have had him any day; they only let him hang around, out of kindness I suppose."

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