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August 29, 2014


Mystery of 9-foot hot dog on edge of Alaska wilderness leaves trekkers perplexed

(Thanks to Mark Buckley and Steven Pudlo)


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Burning plastic, picnic food is never a good idea.

can we get moose turd on that?

At least there's no ketchup, a useful condiment good on fries and...good on fries.

Oh, so that's where I left it. It was a wild night, what can I say. We were young and stupid.

Didn't Dave used to drive one of those?

I can see the beach mentioned in the article from my office window. (I'm playing temporary telephone receptionist) Luckily there is a pair of binoculars in the office. I can report that the hot dog is still in place. I will keep the blog updated on its progress if anyone cares.

Thanks, MIR! I think this is a hoot!

It is still there. And it appears to not be a blaze.

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