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August 30, 2014


Government publishes detailed instructions on how to safely roast marshmallows

(Thanks to Another Ralph and coscolo)


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Step one: Find an active volcano.

A) Clearly a dumbass bureaucrat without enough to do and whose loss would be more valuable towards relieving the national debt.
2: Must these petty know-it-alls bring a wet blanket to every party?
iii. I know somewhere in the immediate vicinity there's a federal eye that better watch out for my marshmallow stick.

Headline: Smokey the Bear Mauls Illegal S'mores Partiers

It'll be a hot day in hell when I lug a pineapple with me when we go camping, and even if I did and was totally off my trolley enough to suggest we bung some into the s'mores (which, naturally, we always make with those super-honking BIGGGG 'mallows), things'd get pretty ugly pretty quickly.

^ I meant 'cold day'. My Mum passed away on Tuesday, and logged-on to the blog to have a few minutes of what Dave and you guys do best, which is put things in perspective.

Condolences, Jan.

Thank you.'Sniff'.

Oww - I just poked myself in the eye with my flaming hot government approved gluten free soymallow calorie free snack on a blunt rubber pole! Someone find me an approved health care navigator!

I believe all who have lost a loved one, that is all of us, can empathize with Jan.
The one thing I've found that can make it more tolerable is three simple words my brother-in-law said to me at my father's funeral: It gets better.
As to the government, I can make some suggestions about where to stow that pineapple. An occasional campfire treat is not one of them.

Hugs to you, Jan... so sorry to hear it.

If you've ever had to deal with summer camp regulations in New York State, you'd be cringing as what will surely follow.

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