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August 31, 2014


And Toys "R" Us is READY.

(Thanks to Robert Mathis)


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I bet The Donald gets a lot of these.

"Good news - you didn't get coal in your stocking this year!"
"Oh, boy! I can't wait to se-AAAAAGH!!"

The corn is a nice touch.
Question for you medical types out there: what is the body process for reconstituting corn that has been masticated to a pulp?
And it's not as if the rest of you don't know what I'm talking about.

How long until someone substitutes fudge or chocolate for the Play-do?

Dave, New subject for your, Ridley's, and/or Alan's
next book: Mean parents. Parents or parasites? Parents who set uop thier kids to the bundt of jokes and abuse.
And the funny adventures that therein ensue.

I suppose the little plastic gloves are sole separately.

Can they gift wrap? Just the thing for bosses day!

Will they gift wrap it in toilet paper?

I suspect there will be long lines at the returns counter after the holidays.

That should be in Dave's Holiday Gift Guide 2014

I'd rather have this doll instead.

NurseCindy: Is that the Brazilian model?

If the holidays are right around the corner and this is what the holidays are bringing then I'm heading the other direction.

Finally, a use for the play-doh after it's all mixed up and brown.

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