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August 31, 2014


Orangeville man’s giant cabbage shy of world record


(Thanks to The Perts)

This picture reminds us of an excellent movie:



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"The time has come," the Walrus said, "To talk of many things:....

Also: "...and a decidedly glamorous buff laced polish (picture a chicken version of Liza Minnelli)."

I'd rather not.


A man walks into a bar with a giant cabbage....

The bartender says "We Don't Get Many Giant Cabbages in here. What made you choose my bar?"

The man replies, "It was pure chance. My friend needed to use the "Little Vegetables" room....

(rim shot)

Hey, When Audrey has to go, she goes...

nothing left to do but take it home and slawter it.

Would this make enough kimchi to eliminate the leadership of North Korea?

Heads will roll for this!

The scene with Steve Martin and Bill Murray took that movie to another level.

That's some head of cabbage

There's a lot to like about that movie, but the fact that the changes the ending from that of the original Broadway show ruins it for me. They did film the original ending, but then the studio made them change it. In the original ending, after Audrey is attacked by Audrey II, Seymour rescues Audrey, who is seriously injured. Confessing to Audrey he fed Mushnik and Orin to Audrey II, Audrey requests Seymour feed her to the plant and earn the success he deserves, before she dies in his arms. Seymour does so, but soon attempts to commit suicide, only to be stopped by Patrick Martin who offers to reproduce and sell Audrey II as he had grown a smaller Audrey II from one of the clippings that he harvested. The executive also warns Seymour that his consent isn't necessary as plants are considered public domain. Realizing Audrey II's plans for world domination, Seymour climbs down the roof with the resolution to destroy the plant. Returning to the shop, Seymour confronts and tries to kill Audrey II, who tears down the shop, plucks Seymour out of the rubble, and eats him alive. Audrey II then spits out Seymour's glasses and laughs.

The three chorus girls appear in front of a large American flag and tell how although Audrey II buds became a worldwide consumer craze, the buds grew into an army of monstrous plants who take over the world. Giant Audrey II plants are shown destroying cities, toppling buildings and eating people. The final shot shows the U.S. Army as it attempts to fight the buds as they ascend the Statue of Liberty. Another of the plants then breaks the fourth wall to eat the audience.

In the movie, Seymour learns the plant is in reality an alien from outer space. Trapping Seymour, Audrey II collapses the store, attempting to kill him. Seymour, trapped under debris, grabs an exposed electrical cable and electrocutes Audrey II, causing it to explode. Leaving the destroyed shop, Seymour safely reunites with Audrey. The two wed and move to the suburbs; arriving at their new home, a smiling Audrey II bud can be seen among the flowers in their front yard.

We must not talk about the volunteer whose passion is exotic fowl...

hmmmmm . . . . .Smells like Audrey . . .

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