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August 12, 2014


Dave and Judi,

Can we somehow fly the blog at half-mast?

Not sure how, but…


Bill in NZ

We'll miss him. He was, in addition to being a great talent, a genuinely nice guy. Believe it or not, he once opened for the Rock Bottom Remainders. This was in 2003, when we were on a tour that included a show at the Fillmore in San Francisco. Robin was working on a new comedy routine and wanted to try it out, and we were of course thrilled to have him with us. He went out and did 40 killer minutes, which we did NOT want to follow. He hung out with the band for the rest of the night, just a friendly, remarkably quiet guy when he wasn't on stage.

So, yeah. Sigh.



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Rest in peace

Only one word about this big loss: Shazbat!

Depression - suicide is sad and leaves one searching for answers. What could I have done? I could have helped had I known. Thoughts and prayers to his children and those closest to Robin Williams. Thanks and Peace.

RIP, funnyman.


he made us laugh *SO HARD*! - 'so funny it hurts'

but sometimes

it hurts to be funny

I always wanted to see Robin Williams in person. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. I'd also like to add if anyone here is having thoughts of suicide to please tell someone and get some help. A true friend, or a professional who deals with depression, will not think you're crazy. Depression is a disease that can be treated successfully.

Such a shock that he passed away.So young. I read where he was interviewed that he was never diagnosed to have clinical depression. He went into rehab for alcoholism and drug addiction but not for depression. I find that odd indeed. The alcoholism alone makes depression worse. Then the depression should of been treated. What is the matter with these people. When you are depressed you cannot will your way out of it alone. The family and doctors should of known this. I do feel sorry for the family though

I'm nowhere near the level Robin operates at, but I can tell you that creativity and humor come out from a very deep well that also includes sorrow and longing. You can't keep fracking that stuff up to the surface forever without a cost.
It would be better to have something wild and funny to say right now, but words fail and the cold waves keep rolling in.

The world has lost a true genius. It saddens me immensely to think someone so funny could be so depressed. There was no one like him - well, except for Jonathan Winters, another genius who also suffered from mental illness.

I hope they're together somewhere cracking each other up.

I never really followed him on t.v., though I was first impressed with Robin Williams in the film "The World According to Garp." This seemed one of his better early film/acting accomplishments, so I'm surprised that it's rarely mentioned.

What a loss. No one knows what pain others may be going through while laughing on the outside. My thoughts and prayers to his family.

If you want a look at his true genius you-tube "Robin Williams golf". The most hysterical set I've ever seen. It's put a smile on my face several times since last evening.

If you've travelled/are on the road that depression takes you it makes sense, otherwise ... Bless him.

So sad, especially because he did seem like such a nice guy. Truly tragic.

What, oh what, would Robin have said about Prancercise?

Too soon, too gone.........

Laughter and spontaneous joy are always connected Even in memory........

They keep bringing out more information on this. Gee he hung himself and slit his left wrist in another bedroom from where his wife was. She left the house and didn't check on him according to this story and then this other friend of his made his way into the house to find him. At any event his years of addiction were caused from his depression which should of been addressed years ago. They did say that he was being treated in the last few weeks at rehab because of his series that was cancelled sent him into a depressed state. Then he was let out. Also there were other instances where officials had to come to his house they said because of his depression. True caring is hard to find today.

It's sinful to take your own life.

We're left with a quandary. Would it be better if RW died accidentally, or if he took his own life?

It's bad that he's dead. He was a genius.


There's a reason crying clowns are a familiar image. See Alien*'s 12:52 post: right on.

There are a lot of very very funny and creative folks right here on this blog; and if you're among those who can relate to the above, take good care of yourself. Just as important, allow yourself be taken care of.

RIP Robin. So sorry the price was so high.

What Dreams May Come

God Bless you Robin Williams

I used to write some short articles for a club newsletter. For about two years, I got noticed because of the humor in those articles.
Those were the two years that I spent in the deepest, darkest depression over my father's unexpected and sudden death. I believe there was a connection.
If any out there are depressed, please know that you can get better.

He was probably bipolar, which is harder to treat than "just" clinical depression. Prescribed drugs often stop working, and sometimes a new combination can be found, but that often fails eventually as well. It's very frustrating, so victims self-medicate with alcohol or anything else they think may ease the pain. This article is from last January.

RIP. I hope we will eventually find better answers.

Thanks, guys. Sigh.

Ralph, very true. Bipolar can be the hardest.

Thanks for making me laugh, Robin Williams. Rest in peace.

Forget what the media obits are saying - everyone is a saint once they are dead - it's what virtually everyone who knew him said when he was alive that counts, and the word for decades has been that Williams was one of Hollywood's genuinely nice guys. He deserved a longer life and a more peaceful end.

Jonathan Winters was also bipolar and was institutionalized twice. They were similar in so many way and I loved them both.

My friend is nearing 90 and has written a lot of books. He said that when his wife died horrifically of cancer, he felt like dying himself. But you have, he said, a duty to the living.

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