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August 28, 2014


With Jakub Dzamba’s device, you can raise and eat your own batch of crickets every 2 months

(Thanks to The Perts)


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What kind of crickets make the best pizza?

Is this a preview of the Christmas gift guide?

A different sort of idea, by Jiminy...

I saw them warming up for Chuck Berry back in the day. Helluva show.

i'll take the pizza on the hearth, thank you

My tarantula, Kathy, LOVED crickets if they were the right kind. Cave crickets (camelbacks) left her cold.
Crickets are of debatable intelligence, as witness the ones who walked right under her. Big mistake.
One, however, hopped to the top of a rock and found himself facing Kathy from about an inch away. He just froze for a couple of seconds then made a mighty, and in the end, fruitless jump to the other end of the aquarium.

You know, most of us would be happy with a deep-fryer or a breadmaker. Not this guy...

Cricket colonies smell. They are also noisy (duh). I prefer buying them by the thousand online and freezing them on arrival. I don't eat them, but many pets do. I prefer BBQ flavor beetles.

PETC isn't going to like this.

No thank you. I'll just have come bottled water.

my youngest daughter (we call her wednesday*) keeps snakes and lizards (and a tortoise). one day i pulled a bag of what i thought was recently purchased keilbasa out of the freezer to thaw to discover later that it was actually a bag of frozen rats.

yes, i want a medal for that.

*btw she's the one that gave his daveness a minature toilet full of toy snakes at a book signing in dayton back in what, '06?

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