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August 28, 2014


I know that Dave is aware that everyone in Holland speaks English, but it is not always the English spoken in America. Yesterday while driving home from the Eindhoven airport I nearly ran off the road when I saw a truck from a company that specializes in the transport of wood chips and "natural" fertilizer. To see the truck, click here then click on the second truck, the one for Houtsnippers (wood chips). Does it say what I think it says? Yes it does. Check the URL at the top. Is this another 'Ha ha, a funny Dutch word that sounds like a naughty English word?' No, there are plenty of those, but they are actually using the English words for the name of their business.

Living here is fun.

Your friend, Keith (I post comments to Dave's blog as Holland Daze)


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Holland Daze, that's hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

Just imagine if some of their product was accidentally dropped on a roof: Sh-- on a Shingle.

Having worked with the Dutch, I'd say this represents their sense of humor. And their habit of not sugar-coating or cloaking things to make them seem better than they actually are.

It may be brown to you, but it's green ($$) to them!

Dump trucks - Har!

Maybe they're just too embarrassed to use the word " poop ".

I am just glad that I can tell that truck from one that hauls Shinola.

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