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August 29, 2014


A man in Germany creates a remote-controlled, flying pizza box

(Thanks to funny man, who notes "France is on red alert.")


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Keith Olberman is behind the insidious, hateful natured down right vulgar intentions of this thing.

But I ordered pepperoni....

Great. That should be an improvement from today's airline seats.

I knew this was the wrong day to quit mushrooms.

Flying Buritto was firt.

France is on red alert? They will have to change their response level from "Surrender" to "Collaborate"!

If it flies over my town, the red-neck locals will shoot it down:

"Ma, I don't rightly know what that thang is, but I bet 'cha I can plug it with this here shotgun!"

A pizza that delivers itself can only make porn films less interesting.

Germany is going to militarize this. They figure that, if used in combat, the enemy will fall like dominos.

AND it provides its own gas.

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