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August 28, 2014


Roman toilet seat unearthed near Hadrian's Wall

(Thanks to Ralph)


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In the chilly conditions of what was the northernmost limits of the Empire, a wooden seat would have been preferable to stone.
As someone who has used outdoor facilities let me just note that this is entirely correct. Though you can still freeze to a wooden seat if it's been painted. Or so I've heard.

The Romans were tough, boy.

We were there about 40 years ago and even then it was in the middle of nowhere and a major hassle to get to. I feel sorry for the Romans who were stationed there.

Petrified Charmin is not listed here: http://flavias.blogspot.com/2013/05/ten-things-romans-used-for-toilet-paper.html

Actually, there is evidence they used Scott toilet paper made out of sandstone.

Whatever they used for TP, someone always forgot to replace the roll.

Did they leave the seat up or down?

They can even tell that it was last used by a woman, since the seat was down.

Evidently had no lid. Dogs would like that.

From the first picture, it looks like someone forgot to flush.

"Discoveries at Vindolanda from latrines have included a baby boot, coins, a betrothal medallion, and a bronze lamp."

I can guess what the guy who dropped the lamp into the loo said.

I can guess what the guy who dropped the lamp into the loo said.
"Stercus" would be my guess.

'I'm Fartacus' would be My guess - #II with a bullet ?

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