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July 30, 2014


Dear Mr. Barry:

In Placitas, NM, this year we have a bumper crop of lizards. On Monday, as my wife and I were returning home, a large lizard appeared on our sidewalk, raised its tail, and pooped. I had never seen this before. I thought to myself that this is a rude lizard. Later I thought that this might be a good name for a rock band: Rude Lizard. Do you agree?

Edwin Macy


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Tail Raisin' Sidewalk Poopin' Rude Lizard

Edwin Macy's Rude Poopin' Lizard opened for David Bowie and the Spiders from Mars.

Rock Fact: Edwin Macy was known as Ned before He became Marilyn Manson.

I thought Jim Morrison (He's dead, Jim!) was the Lizard King.

And don't worry, that's just his mojo rising...

a craptile dysfunction

Department stores shouldn't have e-mail accounts.

I saw Rude Lizard opening for Burning Spear in Jamaica in the 70s. Helluva show.

Mick Jagger?

Rude Lizard Poop would be better.

I saw Defective Lizards open for Thin Lizzy. Defecating Lizards must be an entirely different band.

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