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July 27, 2014


Husband e-mails wife 'no sex' spreadsheet

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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Well, not a "spread" sheet, as such.

You can see it in her eyes. The psychiatrist is holding back.

He'd be better off doing a Power Point.

she's blocking his SPerAM from her inbox

In the annals of bad life choices, this will go down with the greats.

I don't think this strategy is likely to increase the frequency of the desired outcome.

New entry: slammed his Winkie in his laptop.

The first problem with this is that he shouldn't of documented this. That is stupid. They need to talk about it in private. It is not everyone's business. I find it humilitating. Second problem with this is that they are not communitcating and that is probably why they don't have sex that often. Third problem is that she married him so why aren't they having sex? You get married to be together and sex is just part of it. If you are not having sex than they shouldn't be together.

Who has "30 days" in the over/under pool for how many days this guy sleeps on the couch this month?

I would call it a "Non-Spread Sheet".

*snork* at Clankie.

His problem is that he needs to also chart his mistress, his hoohs, and his casual encounters with farm animals. Then he would make the Guiness Book as the biggest loser of all time.

*Snork* to all of the above.


I think he's just ensured a "Spread Sheets Locked" error message for life.

If you graph that, the chart will not trend upwards, IYKWIMAITYD.

No one commented on what an a$$ she was for posting it on-line. She obviously does not admire and respect this guy.

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