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July 07, 2014


The Wasps Of Your NIghtmares

(Thanks to The Perts)


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This would make a freakin' AWESOME Three Little Pigs reboot.

I am never leaving the house again.

No tattoos yet, though. They'd be scarier if they had little tattoos.

Dude, you went to an Adam Ant concert??

Our neighbor, Sheeba the Iranian bar girl, has a similar modus operandi.

We have a couple of nests of these "spider wasps" in our garage in Kentucky which, if my wife knew about them, she'd burn the garage to the ground.
I've had them swarm around my head and land on my arms to see if I'm dangerous.
Since I don't respond with aggression, they haven't stung me, yet.
Note: I am NOT a pacifist but I just don't want to push the big red button to start the war.

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