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July 27, 2014


CROUCH, Idaho (KBOI) -- What the heck is this thing?



(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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It's a road in a forest.

There appears to be a raptor with a snake photobombing the scenery.

Oh, I know that guy. That's Ryan, the Idaho counterpart of the Georgia-visiting devil. Poor Ryan never won the fiddle contests he initiated and it took him months to recognize his lack of arms as the biggest obstacle between him and victory.

Looks like an outtake from the SyFy channel, doesn't it?

(For some reason I'm remembering that scene from the old Rutger Hauer flick "Split Second," where they finally get a look at the monster, and Hauer's sidekick starts screaming "We need BIGGER GUNS! BIG, BIG F***ING GUNS...!)

It's one of the Mayflies that's been spending so much time down at the reactor.

i dunno but it appears to be flying


get ME outta that picture

I'm going with flying monkeys on the yellow brick road.

It's Leonardo de Squirrelinci trying out his wings.

It's clearly a leftover from the wizard of oz or a kid with a remote controlled quad copter

Never leave home without my copy.

Reminds me of The Mothman from that awful Richard Gere movie...

I'm hoping its a big one and not a small one.

A flying something

I don't know what it is but I want one.

Ever heard that expression "if frogs had wings"? Well, dontcha think the frogs have heard it too?

A bat carrying a frog?

Dave Dave Dave, I know you are from the East/South, but why do
you think moose have those big antlers, SO THEY CAN FLY, DUH.....

Former VP Cheney out for a quick jaunt/hunt?

Or...another chimera gone bad....

Does it have two or more thighs? If so, make a perimeter and call Jack.

It fails to cast a shadow, and we all know what THAT means...

Pretty sure it was from this movie...

nana nana nana nana nana nana nana nana Batman

Well obviously @Not My Usual Alias is correct. Flying Monkeys from OZ is the only logical explanation.

A headless mini angel?

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