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July 31, 2014


Was Six-Million-Year-Old Turd Auctioned for $10,000 a Faux Poo?

(Thanks to Ken Fineberg)


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Proof is in the pudding, so to speak.
A 40-inch turd?
Just have our various telescopes listen for the sigh of relief that would still be bouncing around the galaxy.
Maybe it would be a cry of triumph, but either way...

My teenage sons can produce some toilet cloggers. Maybe I need to have one of those crapolite auctions.

fossil fooled

I saw The Coprolites open for The Jimmy Castor Bunch in '73. It was historical.

"They suspect that turtles, crocodiles, and mammals deposited the ancient scat."

Other key Paleontologists terminology:

Let's split, later alligator, Peace, Out, Groovy, and Man.

" ... and that's not all you get for $ 10,000 with this 6 million year old poo. You also get this 23 CD collection of the 1970's greatest hits... "

Serious a 40inch turd? Omg. Then to pay over $10,000 dollars too. Unbelievable.

A new word: "pseudo-poo." Let's all try to use that in 3 sentences today.

1. My favorite Elivis song is Blue Psuedo-poos.
2. After a resting (pseudo-poopal) stage and another larval stage, the poopa is developed.
3. There is no 3.

*snork* @ ubetcha!

1. they got ripped off, so they sued: oh, poo!
2. a boy named sue? dope! ew...
3. um, yeah, no 3


They should have known something was up when this was mentioned:
But wait! Order now and we'll send you a second six million year old turd FREE. You only pay shipping and handling. Operators are standing by!
Exactly how would you handle a six million year old turd?

40" long? wow they made subway sandwiches a lot bigger back then...

At Thanksgiving, will they turn it into a Turduckan?

Does that make the successful bidder a stool pigeon?

nc, by the polished end.

That's about a meter of faux poo. How French.

I always thought the term was sham poo.

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