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July 22, 2014


Workers sickened by gas leak at Boulder burrito company

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker and Allen at Division)


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They need to give the employess free Pepto-Bismal...
oh, not that kind of gas???

At least it wasn't methane.

"...with the workers claiming whoever smelt it, dealt it."

Words escape me, can't say the same about the gas.

Boulder. Burrito. Not two words you ever want to see in the same sentence.

Classical Gas?
(Geezer bus passes for anyone who remembers that one!)

I must be a geezer then because I had that record classical gas on a 45. I loved that song.

Mason Williams with the fish filled guitar. The Geeziest.

Who punked the skunk when the skunk went funk?

Swing by and pick me up, PB.

All aboard.

And here I thought you were all hipsters.

Of course, compared to me, you are.

I may remember that song but I am still young at heart. So the geezer bus may pass on by. That song in its instrumental wonder is still great music today.

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