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July 06, 2014


Today we rented bikes and rode around the big lagoon in the city. We ate lunch at the House of Switzerland, which is a restaurant/bar set up next to the lagoon by the Swiss for reasons that are not immediately apparent. It's a nice place to have a beer.

House of Switzerland

They have large fiberglass cows there. Swiss Pride, baby.


There was also a band playing traditional Swiss samba music.


From there we went to the beach, where we drank coconut water from actual recently slain coconuts. Everybody does this here. I frankly prefer the beer.



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I've had coconut water too, and I'd rather drink some of that fiberglass milk.

(Speaking of the cow, Dave, nice calves.)

You will need to go to Switzerland to investigate whether there is a House of Brazil on the shore of Lake Lucerne.

Do all these beach shots mean that soccer is over? Did we win?

Did someone put da lime in da coconut?

More traditional Swiss fiberglass cowbell.

Nice scenery Dave!

Uh Dave, it is never a good idea to stand at that end of the cow, one kick and lil Dave will be done for,
oh and you will sound like a small boy the rest of your days.

Dave looks kind of.... Furtive drinking that so-called "coconut milk." If that's what it is, own it, Baby. .... If it's something else, he's been seen. In fact, he's been photographed.

"House of Switzerland" has got to be one of the worst names for a restaurant/bar I've ever heard.

Did the band play Girl from Interlaken, that saucy, Swiss samba?

Watch out for plastic pies.

Head_Smashed - There used to be a big restaurant called Swiss House right off Leicester Square in London. I wonder if they're related.

opps - it was The Swiss Centre.

I think you're supposed to tip some rum into the coconut.

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