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July 19, 2014


A self-styled sangoma from Chief Nyajena area in Masvingo yesterday appeared in court for allegedly setting his uncle’s house on fire because it had goblins.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Whatever else you think of him, you gotta admit the guy has a set of stones.

He must be a Spiderman fan

The orcs are not far behind.

Masvingo Province is the Flathead County of Zimbabwe.

"...his uncle was bewitching him using his goblins."
Sometimes, you just have to go with what works.
My wife's sister called me a "godless heathen" and I think she meant it as a warning or insult.
But then I thought, hey, that kind of works.
So I adopted it.
Maybe that guy likes his goblins.

This is how I get rid of mine. Is there some other way?

So what? We have to leave the goblins in our homes?

Where is so-called Homeland Security?

he had two bibles, I think he had the goblin thing under control...

But what happened to the House Elves?

. . . an' the gobble-uns 'll git you ef you don't watch out !

If I had a dollar for every goblin infested house I've burned down....

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