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July 28, 2014


Chubby Checker, HP settle lawsuit over penis-measuring app

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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Chubby Checker is a real name?

We are left awaiting the verdict on the Elvis the Pelvis APP.

So the HP "high performing laptop" isn't a computer?


'In his February 2013 lawsuit against HP and its Palm unit...'

- i don't need no stinkin' app measurer : My 'palm unit' works just fine, thank you

& *snork* @ manual tomato

Wonder why they never got in touch with Little Richard.

If I were this app developer, I'd hire pro PGA golfer Dickie Pride to be the spokesperson.

I saw Chubby Checker warming up for the Buzzcocks in '78. Helluva show.

Herbie Hancock. That is all.

The Palm Twist is a well-known technique for our ladies who want to manually check our chubbies...

*snorks* @ all !

who needs technology ? we gals know the score ;)

Ain't hard rock, who cares?

I saw Mutual Satisfaction open for the Rolling Stones,
and Mick couldn't get ANY, if he is to believed....

lgirl, you can always tell a musician. You just can't tell them much.

Tip your wait staff! Try the veal! We're here all week...

Based on shoe size? I thought guys pretty must just snap a picture and send it to whoever (or possibly whomever) wants to see.

I would have thought it would be Chuck Berry involved in such a lawsuit. Here's The Smartest Man in the World, Greg Proops, answering my question at one of his podcasts to tell you why.

(If the time machine in the URL doesn't work in your browser, it starts at 1 hr 36½ min.) Take it away, NSFW Greg.

Speaking of appendages.

Shoddy journalism. No pictures of said app being used.

Is any guy gonna seriously object to a good old fashioned "see for yourself" reach-around? I mean even if you don't measure up and she walks away it'd be, "Hey, thanks, lady!"

OK, maybe they can call it Fats Domino.

Hey Layzee, didn't a gal try this at a Tim McGraw concert the other day and get herself a slap and chucked outta the gig?

for nursecindy (the app picture, not the results - not sure why someone is checking out what should be about a 5 year old, based on shoe size)

Chubby Checker App

Who still uses a "Palm" device? This whole story is filled with nuggets like this.

huh huh huh huh he said "nuggets" huh huh huh huh

Jan, yes, because his wife was there.

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