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July 31, 2014


An Indian man got a shock when he went to take a shower - and almost stood on a huge crocodile that was hiding in his bathroom.

(Thanks to Not My Usual Alias)


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No offense, but the crock did a really bad job of hiding. I saw him right away.

This is why you need to keep your bathroom clean -- in case you need to post a picture like this.

You may now feel free to change your underwear.

Maybe an Indian version of a horse head on the bed?

Don't most folks keep the scales in the bathroom ?

I've always had the fear of finding Maria Ouspenskaya in my shower.

Five feet? This must be a new definition of "huge".

Pshaw. Here in Florida, that's the bug patrol.

I saw Krokodil warming up for The Animals back in 1969. Helluva show.

Whenever dad said, "Don't go in the bathroom kids, I just left a huge crocodile in there," we'd definitely stay away.

**Snork** @ nc.

Not the teeth you want to brush.

I always check for palmetto bugs before I get in. Never thought of looking for a croc.

i thought nc's 'huge crocodile' meant something completely different, as in 'we're gonna need a Bigger FumiGator' !

SuzieQ, it looks like they could use a little grout cleaner.

Why would a crocodile go about with an alligator briefcase? Is he a lawyer?

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