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July 24, 2014


Ten years ago today was the meeting that led to the first BlogWedding and (eventually) the first BlogBaby. (No, not Dave and Ridley. NTTAWTT.)

Aprille and mikey


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*sets up hammock*
*sips margarita*

10 years and 3,650 blue shirts ago...


*waves to Mad & Mike - also Leetie & Higgy*

I feel like I am married to all of you and love having wedding photos with giant Leetie head

*waves to Zoe too*

*inhales deeply*

I just love that new MOAT smell.

congrats! - 10 years ago today you said aaaye do ?!

( i was but a twinkle in this blog's aaaye . . . )

Leetie! When's the announcement that you're putting the band back together again :)

We all miss your giant head, too. That thing must have enough frequent flier miles on it that it could fly free to Taiwan....

I'm a little torn. On the one hand it's nice to see some of the old gang here. On the other hand I'm mad because ya'll don't post enough. You guys have gotten me through some truly tough times. You're the best. One more thing... Eighth!

Great, now I feel really old. I have a lifetime pass on the geezer bus. Smooches to Leetie, Sly, Mad, Weasel, PB, and all. Agree with NC: wherrrre have ye been?

Just to be precise,it wasn't 10 years today, that will be Sept. 23 but our wedding anniversary is coming up on Monday. Hi everyone!

Cute picture

Wow, time flies! And with me writing this on my phone to post, all I can say is that it's fortunate there weren't smart phones back when the MOAT started or I have would have never gotten anything done!

Higgy!!!! How old is The Higglet? Picked a college out yet for him? I'm sure he graduates in a year or two.

(Gost, I feel so old!)

Great to see all of you! It has definitely been too long. Hard to believe that the original MOAT started over 10 years ago. Who's up for another bloglit blunch or blog-b-q? I'll make the PORK!

Happy meetup anniversary to the Weasels. <3

PB, my head made it around the block a few times, but alas, I was never able to collect on all of the bonus miles. ;)

For those who might not have been around then, here is the Higgy family with the Giant Leetie Head [and Dave].

And here is one in New York with Meanie on the right in front of Ridley and yours truly behind Dave's left shoulder and Lairbo on the other side, among others.

hey there oldtimers! hey leetie. some of us are still here every day. some of us still leave a penny on the urinal on occasion and shed a nostalgic tear.

*hands out coconut bras and propeller beanies*


*peeks in*
*is bowled over by the massive waves of nostalgia*
*bodysurfs on out again*

I just checked and I've been here for six years. The first thing of mine that Dave posted was a wedding announcement. It was for the Large-Woody wedding. *Sniff*

ten years ago today (yes i went and looked) leetie damned me to hell for posting fake song lyrics* to the tune of "copa cobana". (i deserved it).

*about a person that collected toasters, why?

Mud, I'd like to see those lyrics.

The Higglet is 8, and his sister is 6. Time does fly. Mad and Mikes wedding (with me and the Giant Leetiehead) was our first trip we took without him after he was born!

*sidles up to the blog bar, orders a MOATarita*

oh hai, guize!

Thanks for posting that NY pic, Jeff. Lots of good memories. Although, I can't help but notice that my hair has gone completely grey since then but that Dave's shirt is the same shade of blue... there's something in that Florida water.

Here be the original: http://blogs.herald.com/dave_barrys_blog/2004/09/consider_our_ti.html

Wow...it seems like only yesterday.

I really should check in here more often...but trying to access the blog on my iPod was getting frustrating, plus the last time I tried to comment it wouldn't let me.

I should make use of the computer more often, apparently.

*hugs all around*

Susan! We were just talking about our visit to Cheraw the other day.

Happy Anniversaries and Baby, etc.! I remember this. Ten years. Jeez, y'all are old!

Wow - a Blogit reunion ! Hi all !

Higgy has our FF league been going for 10 years?

Dave needs to install "like" buttons on the blog. #upgrade

True dat. Strange how we have learned and gotten so used to communicating with "like" buttons.

sly, on July 4 we were talking about the year you all came here and we went to the fireworks near the Brooklyn Bridge.

We haven't gone back since.

New MOAT! Yay! *blurking commences*

I love how all my old friends are magically coming back out of the woodwork. More! We need more!

It's ... it's .... all coming back to me now. I can see it...

There were pirates .... and Mad Scientists .... and, and .... Weasels??

Yes! Weasels!!

And ... then ... this giant head appeared .... again and again ....

*Laughs maniacally down the halls, evading butterfly nets and men in white coats with needles*

No needles just thongs

Has the MOAT been officially closed off? If not, how do I locate it?

Sorry, I'm new here. It's only been about 12 years for me!

Right, MTB! There have to be pirates. Lots of pirates.

Hi to my friends from the Great White North. It's been too long since I've seen you all face to face. We need a major Blogit gathering!

Wow! I have whiplash from the violent attack of nostalgia! I'm with NC: where y'all been? At least leave a metaphorical penny on the figurative urinal from time to time - it warms our increasingly elderly hearts.

Love you guys!

MoAt was closed down to new comments but like a time capsule can be visited for a glimpse of life 10 years ago

Rats! So I'm just ten years late for the party.

MoAt II?

More like 200!
Sorry I missed the party - hope to see some of you around more!

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