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July 29, 2014


George Michael hints at a Wham! reunion with bandmate Andrew Ridgeley

(Thanks to Jan in Grimsby, who says "The line forms behind me.")


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IMHO, this actually calls for a drone strike.

Andrew Ridgeley, the man who makes John Oates look like a singer.

hey Jan wake me up before you go-go!

Doesn't pretty much anything really call for a week of international drunken celebration? I can skip the international bit, if needed.

Weren't they part of that "family" who drove around in that multi-colored bus? I think they made soem of the Worst best
teeny bopper music ever.(Take your pick)

I wonder if they will (literally) do this song?

Probably not.

Yay ligirl!!! Lets hire a limo.

I wonder if Andrew still remembers all the parts where he's supposed to look like he's singing.

I have friends who use them as birth control.

Lets just hope Putinsky sends in some hit men with poison tipped microphones.

Two conundrums: a nice voice you'd rather not hear.
And the opposite: Joe Cocker.

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