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July 31, 2014


A Massachusetts couple have filed paperwork in an effort legally change both of their middle names to "Seamonster."

(Thanks to ASK)


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- maybe it's 'see, monster' like 'where wolf'

So, now we will be hearing about Mass seamonster sightings?

*snork* @ ASK - leading to mass hysteria

Well if they are from Innsmouth Mass. it's required by truth in advertising laws, isn't it?

Well its better than some movie star who called their kid "Moon Unit".

I thought Cecil the Seasick's name was already Sea monster .

@LeDud - it was Frank Zappa, a musician, not a movie star , who named his child Moon Unit. His other kid is named Dweezil, which is much better.

If they succeed I'm changing my MI to Sharknado.

"name changes are generally permitted unless they are deemed to be 'inconsistent with public interests'"

...so it's okay if they're just unnessiesary.

I'm sure LeDud was refering to Mrs. Gail Zappa who was an actress in a movie once. Also Zappa had 4 children: Moon Unit, Dweezil, the almost normally named Ahmet Emuukha & the youngest, Diva Muffin. While this was during the '60s and '70s, the names cannot be blamed on drugs as Zappa was opposed to recreational drug use.

Yeah. Moonunit and Dweezil. I thought I was the only geezer who remembered them. Sixties.

Even I thought it was stupid.

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