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July 08, 2014


Stripper is terrorizing my family, woman claims

(Thanks to Suzie Q. Wacvet)


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Sadly, I've never been a victim of this sort of terrorism.

"They would wake the dead and my five year old."

In that order?

Fifteen hundred a month for a room? Damn, she's gonna lose her shirt.

Other than the screaming, the spanking and the moaning she's the marrying type.

Does the room come with a pole?

the landlord should've been suspicious
when the tenant requested the apartment be painted 50 shades of grey

Screaming, spanking, moaning, 500 bucks. Terrorizing family.... priceless.

" the screaming, the spanking, the moaning..."

Well, when the cats moved in, what did they expect ?

I honestly didn't think I was that loud. My bad.

serious *groan* @ ligirl


*raises lighter in salute*

Loud noises.
Restricted access.
Contraband and/or dangerous things.
Unwelcome "friends".

Lady, you think it's bad now. Wait until your 5-year-old is a teenager.

Just kill her. No one will care.

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