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July 25, 2014


In Alaska, wood frogs freeze for seven months, thaw and hop away

(Thanks to Focalpoint)


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Geraldo's nose was broken by a chair hurled by one of these things for his criticism of having parasites in it's mouth which has been known to tip off the enemy.

Much like DMV employees.

This is why Kermit still won't stop seething about being passed over for the role of Han Solo.

"I'm asking, what about the parasites and all the cool things that live in its mouth and its butt?"

Ask, and ye shall receive. But ye shouldn't expect to receive it from me.

They freeze, but they don't croak.

so if your reptile dysfunction freezes for seven months . . .
don't worry, cuz it'll eventually thaw & 'hop away' !

- and yes i *know* they're amphibians

- but, see, they're 'wood' frogs . . .

Come spring, they all jump right on it.


I had a now ex wife that was like that

Things are looking up for Ted Williams' head.

Ah, let's go to the hop
Let's go to the hop (oh baby)
Let's go to the hop....

Scientists rhapsodize about the strangest things...

"You...are....the breathless hush of springtime/
the cool things that live in its mouth and butt...."

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