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July 14, 2014


It's tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern Override Time. Be on this blog, or be some kind of repulsive snotlike frog.


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I haven't seen it in weeks, but I am confident that the blog recaps have me prepared for the finale.

Dave I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your cable doesn't go out this week.

But did they let the scapegoated drone pilot out of the brig yet?

yes, the finale will be ribbiting . . .

Cheng wants awdrey so he can exchange her for bowah -
if he pulls it off it'd be the jack of all trades

that poor LT will not have a minute of screen time tonite ... and no matter if it's the most enthralling 60 min. of network television evah Wes will shout at approx. 2201 -- 'WELL? WOT HAPPENED TO THE FRAMED DRONE PILOT?!'

This better end with Mistah Bowah killing Cheng.

@SigBauer: That's why I'm getting it in now: So I won't have anything to distract me from Awwwdrey being in peril again...

...oh, wait.


Wait a second. The show is on Fox and not ABC?

No wonder I've been so confused.

They could have ended the show last week with Audrey sitting there, and everyone would have been happy. But NOOooOOOoooOoooo.

So, guessing that Audrey's dead, Cheng's dead, Heller's dead (heart attack when Audrey's gone) and Jack's on the run again at the end, since Heller's the only one that knows about Mark at this point. Mark pulls the knives back out for Jack, and he's outta there. Chloe will do something awesome, either hacking related or something to top her taser performance. Edgar will still (unfortunately) be dead. Also, we'll get some perimeters and dammits.

…If they take out Chloe, we're going to have to organize a posse….

We'll also need to organize a posse if they let Awwwdrey live.

Just in case, I've got some rope and can lay hands on a good pitchfork at short notice. Who's got some tar and feathers...?

I'll be there, but I may be a few minutes late. I'm going to do my best to have my opening post ontime, however. Snarkiness may be delayed as I catch up to realtime in the show.

Maybe Jack and Audrey will get married...

(sharpening some bamboo just in case the writers take us down a very, very, very, very bad road)

Surprise, Cheng is secretly in love with Awwwdrey. The whole park bench thing is just his way of getting a date.

you could be right about cheng, Loudmouth . . . as confucius say

Ugh. Definitely going to be late tonight.

RE: "scapegoated drone pilot"

Come on, Wes, it's Discredited Airman(TM).

I'll bring the tar if Awwwdrey makes it.

The Black Dot of Doom is all ready for the finale, too!

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