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July 29, 2014


Breast-feeding moms take over Oklahoma park

(Thanks to Bob Brogan, who says, "Key line: 'Plenty of dads came out for moral support.'")


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funny. I bet the Dads did come out. It wouldn't bother me if I came across this but in general I think it would bother other folks.

If I don't like to see breastfeeding, does that make me lactose intolerant?

I plead guilty for posting video every 10 minutes, but this is all I could think of to convey the emotions I feel right now.

Reminder: May not be safe for the park.

Does anyone besides me find this style of reporting kind of formulaic?

If this goes viral, does that mean people are milking the subject?

@Amoeba: That sucks, dude.


How much will we be able to milk out of this story?

Aw, Weth Eth, you're jutht teething.

I saw Breastfeeding Moms open for Herman's Hermits.

I went birdwatching in that park today. All I saw was tits.

Weren't there any boobys about, kennef?

I saw a young mother breastfeeding and looking at mowers at a big box store yesterday.
This brought two thoughts:
1. That's nice, in the family-friendly way.
2. Take-out for dinner tonight.

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