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July 24, 2014


Here's Ridley with his truck:



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Which one has more rust?

Now THAT'S a truck.

Previous owner, Crowfoot, Chief of the Blackfoot Indians and Guardian Angel of Ridley's outfit.

Great truck. And has Ridley been drinking, because he is not especially perpendicular?

Hi Ridley! Please give us starving fans a new Lou Boldt book. Pleasepleasepleaseplease.

Okay, I'm passing a hat so we can get Ridley a new paint job for his truck. Considering I drive a 15 year old Mercury I probably shouldn't be talking about anyone else's ride.

Off topic, just a remaainder - tomorrow is The International "Take Your Pants to Work" day.
I will remember to celebrate this time.

Nice truck. Get it all refurbished and it will be awesome.

Ridley, don't forget to move your bike before you back the truck out of the driveway.

Is the truck holding up Ridley, or vice versa?

That brings back memories: My dad had a '58 Ford similar to Ridley's truck when I was a kid, although Dad's pickup wasn't a stepside (and had a two-tone blue and white paint job).

I second the call for a restoration, although given that the body appears to be solid (with only surface rust) I'd be tempted to turn that old Ford into a rat rod. As long as the cab floorpan and bed floor were solid, I think you could get away with just spraying the exterior with matte clear coat to preserve the existing patina, and use the restoration budget on suspension, steering and power upgrades and refurbishing the interior. (How does classic tuck-and-roll upholstery grab you?)

Or maybe I've just been watching too many episodes of "Fast N Loud."

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