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July 31, 2014


A man is attempting to push a Brussels sprout up Snowdon with his nose.

(Thanks to Jan in Grimsby)


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Just a sprout? I'm about to make a sissyfuss.

"He has no skin on his knees, his neck is hurting and his neck is really tired. But he is still going."


will that stop him from 'leaking' ?

It was his wife's idea - anything to get him out of the house.

oh, snowdon's a mountain ?


I thought that was the new song from Edward Snowden and the Brownnosers.

LOL ligirl. I was picturing someone trying to push a sprount up the Earl of Snowdon's nose. Never knew there was a mountain.

Which immediately brings these lyrics to mind:

"First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is."

What time is the bus leaving today?

*grabs my e-lec-trical banana & runs to bus stop w/ ubetcha*

I see a movie in this. Do you think they could get Justin Bieber to play Stuart?

Can they send in a relief sprout?

Takes a lot of Bals-all.

*Belated applause to Amoebastampede*

I almost mythed that.

I thought this was a new Snowdon spy scandal too... Microchipped Brussel sprouts?

Mellow yellow- green?

Hops on the bus.

first wiki leeks, then wiki sprouts . . .

I'd like to thank you properly, Hammond, but Ehpyra can't think of another pun.

(And may I just add in memory of dear Rik Mayall that if this were a sprout Mexicain, Mr. Kettell would have an altogether different method of propelling it up the mountain.)

(That should be "Ephyra." I'd write it off as a godforsaken error except there's no exZeus.)

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