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July 02, 2014


Snake charmer swallows serpents whole in stomach turning stunt

Snake thief steals 36 snakes from North Carolina store

Mexican villagers beat giant 25-foot snake to death with sticks

This has been today'e edition of Snakes Making News.


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You missed this.

Dave, since you're in Brazil already and you have some free time since the US lost, how about combining your free time and the interest in snakes by a visit to this place: Snake Island, home to the world's deadliest serpent?

Or maybe not.

Whoops - sorry about that.

the link.

I bet those snakes would feel right at home in Miami should one happen to accidentally find it's way into your carry on.

That's a good sized snake, but I seriously doubt 25 feet. It looked more like 10-12 feet to me.
Nothing to worry about.

jeff good one, what a great place to visit, if you are really fast, faster than a bird...

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