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July 26, 2014


Gas station clerk with MMA training surprises thieves

(Thanks to Steve Kennedy)


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Reminder: UFC fight night, Lawler vs. Brown, tonight on FOX. Be there or be a schmoe.

Messing with the wrong guy? That's a paddlin'.

Good for him! It's too bad more crooks aren't given this type of treatment. I also can't believe they charge almost $6 for a pack of cigarettes. They're $3.75 here in NC.

If a store offered smokes for a mere $6.00/pack in Anchorage it would be mobbed. Because of our taxes, they are $10.00/pack for the off brands. You need a mortgage to smoke Camels or Marlboros. Glad I don't smoke. Working the extra job to support the habit would kill me.

If you come here on vacation and are a smoker, pack a couple cartons for the trip.

"Send him to Washington"?'
At what point is it justified to attack someone who refuses to do anything?
Seriously, 'cause I'd love to know.

Honor among thieves. Love the outcome.

At the point during which he is robbing your co-worker?

Steve --
As a Stop-and-Rob alum, I would say that the clerk overengaged. The phrase at the end about not wanting to release the booking photo because they were going to use him in police lineups is a story behind the story.

A BOLA with a history of slow police response does not justify violence to be sure. The person who was dropped might not have been the muscle in the team, but in the robbery it can be tough to sort out.

I will admit that, in my fast-food days of getting robbed regularly, I found it very preferable to have a plan in place and to stick to it. We had a special drop bag in the safe that we were to give to them. The one time I thought my co-workers were in danger, since the would-be thief was high, was the one time I used the sawed-off bat instead of the bag. Had he continued to be a threat, even just in my head, I would have continued to hit him.

Yes, I had to change my underwear afterward.

ASK -- my overengaging incident resulted in a cleanup in Aisle One. The police appreciated knowing what had happened so he could put a blanket on his seat when the perp's description included "looks like he peed himself."

When you are in the situation, you follow the protocol. Fight or flight when you are in an enclosed zone gets funky fast.

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