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July 23, 2014


Arguably, the craziest people on the internet, unless there's some unknown not-crazy thing about knitting toilet paper.

(Thanks to Cindy K., who claims to recognize "when to stop" and then offers to knit one of these for The Blog)


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I meant it too. Any color the Blog wants. In fact I have some nice blue wool that would be perfect for this!

Well, I am seriously disappointed. I thought it involved knitting WITH toilet paper.

What do you do with this after use?

Knit number one, purl number two.

Perfect for cleaning up Britain's new fart machine.

leave it to cindy to 'spare a granny square'


People who think that knitting toilet paper is lunacy beyond imagination have never worked for a large American corporation I shall not name. Nope. Nope.
OK, one of its initials is an E.
Another is a G.

I tried knitting with toilet paper once when I thought I was on a roll.

Mrs. PirateBoy took tissue with me over it.

Cindy - can you knit up a low-flow toilet to go with that?

I saw the Bog Roll Knitters warming up for Dexy's Midnight Runners at Glastonbury in the 70s. Helluva show!

ubetcha, I'll look for a pattern right now.

I kinda want to make that now.

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