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July 29, 2014


300 in brawl at New Jersey wedding

(Thanks to funny man)


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That's what happens when you hold your reception at Chuck E. Cheese.

Snookie no doubt started it.

Two off duty police were working security for the wedding? Show of hands: How many of you even thought to hire security for your wedding?

Let's see... Flowers, dress, music... Oh, and two 6'2" 350 pounds bouncers.

Is this the sequel to 300: Rise of an Empire?

The only wedding I've ever been to with security had the former Brooklyn D.A. as a guest -- he didn't leave home without it. There were two mounted cops at the door, and a bored detective inside. There was an open bar, but no problems. I guess the Jersey cops didn't think of using horses, or a fire hose.

Great achievements in bouquet tossing.


Isn't Chuck E. Cheese just New Jersey in a confined space?

I see they took us up on the loan of Tanya Harding, Oreeegin's contribution to the Nation.

Well, we Oregonians didn't want her.

The bride and groom were registered at Gold's Gym. Among their gift selections were:

His-and-Her matching brass knuckles
A set of fine porcelain boxing glove candle holders
Deluxe set of delicate embroidered lace bandages
Monogrammed mouth guards
A gift certificate for oral surgery at Couples Reconstructive Services Boutique and Grill

Does anybody else dislike weddings? There's always the feeling that you're the first to notice that car sliding towards the stopped traffic on the Interstate.

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