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July 27, 2014


The most anatomically correct 'vagina pants' you're ever likely to see

(Thanks to ASK, who says, "No, it was not a search result.")


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Brought to you by the same people who claim that women are more than the sum of their lady parts.

...As for the woman who thinks her boyfriend "could use it as a roadmap:" I don't see the clitoris on there, so she's still probably SOL.

Just sayin'.

Broad brush, bored, thinking of having monkey sex, becoming a mother, social media, etc.

Wouldn't they be a lot more anatomically correct if they were just crotchless?

GPS gets more and more precise every day.

artsy-fartsy period piece

I saw Vagina Pants open (well, you know) for the Pussycat Dolls back in 2003. You know, it was a helluva show.

(What percentage of sentences appearing on this blog have never, ever been written/said before?)

I think they also warmed up the Sex Pistols.

They're the only ones I've seen. but, science is cool. Weird but cool.

I can't imagine washing those in an apartment/laundramat.

If you wear them, on that day you will break your leg and be taken to the hospital, where your pants will have to be cut off. You will be with your children. And your Mother. And her prayer group. So knicker up right now, ladies. What could possibly go wrong.

Do they come in any other colors?
Hogs, I will also be their nurse if they wear these and I will laugh.

I'm pretty certain I don't want to see what the back looks like.

It doesn't show where the elusive G-spot is supposed to be...

Where's the little "You are here" marker?

My goodness, ladyparts sure have increased in size since I was a youngster!

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