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July 07, 2014


I leave Rio tonight. I'll be on the plane when 24 is on. I am counting on you folks to gather here and form a perimeter.

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Dave looks flushed wit excitement...

Have a safe trip home!

(After trading in his shoe phone, Maxwell Smart's first words over the one above were "Missed it by that much.")

What's the ringtone for a toilet phone, Dave?...

Allen, you don't want to know.

Maybe your plane will have WiFi...

I suppose you use that phone for "dirty talking".

From the looks of the previews, Mark will be forming a perimeter too, once Jack gets ahold of him.

Imagine this: Moday night, after 10 pm EDT...

Thousands of fans, many wearing balaclavas or tutus, massed at key points on the perimeter of the sprawling Miami Internatuinal Airport. They are waiting for thier
muse and hero...Dave Barry...to return.

I would be there if I could, but I'm sure the others will be there and be squared.

Have a safe and smooth trip home, Dave. PS the time
was only a guess-timate. It bears no relation to reality,

Search eBay for "toilet phone" if you like that crap.

I'm a little confused with the instructions regarding the formation of a perimeter and/or operation of the toilet phone.

Is it asking for you by name, Dave?

Dave, are you sure you're not up for a detour?

I know it's nuts but I still want to do that someday.

it's a mobile phone -
just like jack, tonight dave will be using planes, trains & audreymobiles

Dave's career is in the toilet

But the key question persists: Is it a low-flow phone?

Don't put that phone down Dave, there's a major download coming your way!

Only Dave would have a toilet phone.

This toilet phone will self-destruct in five seconds.


Bring back that phone and auction it off to your blog buddies. The proceeds can go to charity or to buy Brazilian beer stock. your choice.

We still have our dial up toilets.

The episode would have a whole different atmosphere if there was a scene where Jack was forced to call Chloe on that phone.

Rio is a dump?

Is that the phone that twit (or something similarly spelled) from Credit Card Services keeps annoying me with?

Dave, your face looks a little flushed. Must be the heat there, but be forewarned, it's hotter at home. Or maybe just on the perimeter.

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